PRIVATE ULTRASOUND HAS ARRIVED IN DORCHESTER!!!! Welcome to Dorset's Access Ultrasound, providing 4D baby scans CQC Registered
 PRIVATE ULTRASOUND HAS ARRIVED IN DORCHESTER!!!!Welcome to Dorset's Access Ultrasound, providing 4D baby scansCQC Registered

The Poundbury Clinic

Middlemarsh Street



Wellman / woman

Access Ultrasound can offer you safe (no radiation), reliable testing to ensure your body is working at its best with no hidden surprises. Surprises that may lead to stroke or advanced disease, which are much more easily treated if detected early, when in most cases there are NO symptoms.


Abdominal Aorta Scan.

There is now a national screening programme for the detection of abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA). We also offer this service for anyone aged 55+years and this, unlike the screening service, will be performed by a highly qualified diagnostic sonographer and include assessment of the kidneys.


Carotid Artery Duplex Scan.

Assessment of the carotid arteries can detect a build up of atheromatous plaque (furring of the arteries) which at a significant level can lead to a stoke.

Ultrasound is very effective at detecting a greater than 50% stenosis (blockage) of the artery which is when surgery would be advised to prevent a stroke.

In todays NHS a carotid artery scan is offered within 48hours from the onset of stroke symptoms - but why wait until you have symptoms, which may be irreversible? Book in today for your assessment.


Lower limb arterial Scan.

Pain on walking? Cold feet? Both can be symptoms of arterial disease; yet sometimes there are no symptoms, until the artery becomes so diseased it blocks, with the potential to loss of limb. Access Ultrasound provides an effective, safe, pain free test to assess the lower limb arteries and assure you of your arterial health.


Pelvic Scan (For ladies +45)

Ovarian cancer is a silent and most often aggressive disease. Early detection can make the difference of survival. Access Ultrasound offers a thorough assessment of the ovaries, uterus (womb) and endometrium (lining of the womb) via transabdominal or transvaginal assessment.  


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